Water Reuse & Recycling

Our Knowledge Capital

Our knowledge capital for assisting equipment, technology, and service providers comes from deep experience in the industry, understanding global market drivers, and relationships with strategic players and capital sources. 

We offer significant industry, management, finance, and entrepreneurial experience and we match those to your requirements. Our services are bolstered by insightful research and extensive relationships.

Your Growth, Our Services

Potential Growth Opportunities

  • International Expansion
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Facilitating Integrated Water Management

We Can Facilitate

  • Growth & Valuation Uplift
  • Enterprise Sale
  • Acquisitions
  • Growth Capital


Global Demand

Water As A Critical Resource


"Water scarcity is a pressing people and planet issue – 768m people have no access to clean drinking water and 2.5bn have no access to proper sanitation. Freshwater accounts for only 2.5% of global water – and we have already reached peak water. Increasing water demand, water pollution and water stress mean that demand is set to overshoot supply by 40% in the next 20Y. "[Industry Research Report]


“We anticipate that some of the largest opportunities will emerge around the industrial water treatment market vis-à-vis sectors with heavy volumes and environmental constraints (utilities, oil & gas, mining), strict water constraints (FOB, cosmetics), variable effluents (petrochemicals, energy, breweries), as well as in emerging areas like ship ballast water treatment.

In developed countries, roughly half of all water consumed is for industrial use, whereas in developing countries, agriculture is usually the biggest consumer, at levels approaching 80%." [Industry Research Report]

Market Demand & Solutions

Integrated Water Management & Services with Solutions Orientated Toward:

  • Water Reuse & Recycling
  • Sustainable/Low Carbon Solutions & Services

Sector Solutions Such As:

  • Smart Water
  • Water Needs of Developing Countries
  • Storm Water Management
  • Retrofit, Replacement, & Upgrading
  • Chemical Free Treatment
  • Ballast Water Treatment
  • Treatment Solutions for Small Communities


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