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Representation & Advisory Services

We have extensive experience working across borders to execute successful growth strategies in new regions beyond North America. We have worked with numerous clients expanding to Europe and Asia.

Core business practices which ensure your current success do not easily transfer to new environments. The best expansion plans are developed with customized researched of your target markets, and then executed with local resources aligned with your strategy.

Through our established network of cross border professionals, we provide the experience and resources to anticipate, navigate and work through the issues that inevitability arise. We provide a full range of Representation and Advisory Services to support your new market expansion.

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Cross Border Market Entry Services

Strategic Execution


  • Detailed market and customer research (interviews and detailed analysis)
  • Identify and secure key supply and distribution partners
  • Sales channel development
  • Branding - tailoring your brand to meet new customer expectations 
  • Business plan development with local input -  P&L projection, balance sheet performance, cash flow and working capital requirements, budgeting and planning
  • Identify and secure joint venture and strategic alliances  

Banking & Finance


  • Establishment of Banking, Accounting and Tax operations in accordance with all regional and national laws
  • Financial and business plan confirmation - ROI optimization plans back to the leadership team and shareholders' value creation
  • Financing - debt, equity and private placement introductions including transaction representation

Staffing & Organizational Development


  • Executive and key staff recruitment and hiring
  • Sales and marketing team development
  • Outsourcing of non-critical personnel - structure and cost advantage analysis
  • Reporting structure, employment contract negotiations - content and terms
  • Independent Board or Advisory Directorship

Location Selection & Setup


  • Site location selection - options with the ability to act as agent to negotiate lease terms 
  • Secure and install Customer Relationship and Reporting Management Systems back to the home office.
  • Business legal structure, registration and tax payment systems


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